Welcome to Georgia PKU Connect, Inc.

We are dedicated to Georgia's Phenylketonuria (PKU) community. Our mission is to connect PKU families and individuals with the support and resources they need to manage PKU and live healthy, productive lives.

  • The filter paper submission process prevents an interruption in metabolic medication and/or metabolic formula prescriptions for you or your child. Filter paper results help the Clinic to provide you with good clinical care.  Please contact the Department of Human Genetics if you need filter paper supplies, prescription refills or metabolic formula by calling  404-778-8570.  Select option 3 to speak with a member of our care team. Updated: March 2019: Important: NEW FP Schedule: FPs now ... (read more)
  • As most of us are aware, there are a number of exciting new treatments for PKU that have been introduced recently or currently are in development that promise to radically change the PKU lifestyle, allowing for much more flexibility in the diet, or eliminating the need for a special diet altogether. Long term, some studies being done using gene therapy techniques have the potential to at least partially “correct” the inborn error, allow the body to produce the phenylalanine hydroxylase enzyme naturally. In this vein, ... (read more)