Welcome to Georgia PKU Connect, Inc.

Our mission is to connect PKU families and individuals with the support and resources they need to manage PKU and live healthy, productive lives.
  • It’s PKU Awareness Month and what better way to celebrate than by being together. Join us Friday, May 21 from 7-8pm EDT for a virtual meet-up social event. We will feature an update from Homology Medicine, Inc. on PKU gene therapy. Registration is FREE! Let us know you’re coming here.
  • Important: Limited Time Offer for April, May, June 2021 Only! The Medical Nutrition Therapy for Prevention Program (MNT4P) is happy to announce PKU/IMD patients living in Georgia can now order up to $300/month of Low Protein Modified Foods (LPMF) directly from Cambrooke Therapeutics. To learn more about this offer and other services from MNT4P, click here to Contact Us!