Levels for Common Fruits and Vegetables

Color Your Plate and add a new FRESH fruit or vegetable to your favorite meal!

FoodServingWt (g)PHE (mg)ExchangesPRO (g)mg PHE/gCalories
(not cooked)
Blueberries0.5 cups72181.170.50.2441
Kiwi0.5 cups90402.6710.4455
Mango0.5 cups83140.930.40.1754
Papaya0.5 cups7070.470.40.128
Pineapple0.5 cups83130.870.40.1642
Carrots1 medium carrot6113.50.90.430.2225
Green beans10 seedless beans4990.60.30.1834
Kale0.5 cups34573.81.11.689
Radish2 medium940.270.10.442
Zucchini squash0.5 cups57231.530.70.49

Source: How Much Phe (www.howmuchphe.org)

For any questions on specific items, please contact your metabolic dietitian.