National School Lunch Program – It’s Your Right!

Did you know that PKU children are entitled to assistance under the National School Lunch program? It’s true. If your child attends a school that receives funding under the National School Lunch program, the school is required to make accommodations for their special dietary needs. Cambrooke Therapeutics and Georgia PKU Connect recently held a Webinar describing resources that are available to assist you in taking advantage of this program. If you weren’t able to attend the Webinar, you can view a recording of the Webinar here. (Note that to view the Webinar you will be asked to download and install a browser “helper” application. Follow the instructions to do this.) If you are interested in this program, watching this Webinar is a great place to start.

Georgia PKU Connect board members would be happy to answer questions about the National School Lunch Program.  Please contact us with any questions at

The National PKU Alliance and National PKU News also offer excellent resources related to the PKU Diet.  Follow the links below to learn more:

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