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Moms and future moms with rare inherited disorder aim for healthy babies




In this video, produced by Emory University, Millie Foster and Martha Stanojevich share their experiences with the Emory University’s Metabolic Camp in helping them to prepare for and manage maternal PKU.



20161129-anna-parker-video“PKU Doesn’t Hold Me Back” – Anna Parker




In this Patient Power video, Anna Parker, a PKU adult, is featured describing her life with PKU, including her successful pregnancy.


lucas-brotherton“My PKU Story” by Lucas Brotherton



Lucas Brotherton is a 6 year old boy with PKU. He was diagnosed in the state of New York through newborn screening. Lucas now lives with his parents in Georgia. Learn more about Lucas and PKU…Read Story


joe-vanags2“Joe’s Story” by Joe Vanags




My name is Joe and I am 5 years old! I attend my neighborhood elementary school and I love math and going to the library! I recently learned how to count to 113, which is great for Pre-K! My special diet is a big part of my life… Read Story


“Blessings” by Anna Parkerann-parker

Anna Parker is a 26 year old woman with PKU.  She was diagnosed at 10 days old through newborn screening.  Read how this kindergarten teacher has handled the challenges of her disorder with humor and creativity…Read Story



These are real stories of people living with PKU! Do you have a story to share? Click here to send it to us via email. Please include a photo if possible.